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About Us

Brief History

Institute of International Business was established in August, 1994. The main objective is to cultivate the professional talents for business internationalization and focus on related researches. The PhD program was established in 2000. There are Master and PhD programs in our institute at present.


Teaching Perspective

The main objective is to cultivate the professional talents for business internationalization, especially in senior management position to plan international strategies, integrate international resources, expand international markets and manage international corporations. Both theories and practices are main points of our teaching. English is as important as professional skills. We do not set up too many limits of previous education background in the entrance application. Welcome students from different backgrounds to join us!


However, to meet standards of professional international business talents, students are required to be equipped with basic knowledge in Economics, Accounting, and Statistics. Most important of all, students should be familiar with English. In our professional curriculums, “International Business Management” is listed in core course. We also provide “International Strategic Management” “International Marketing Management” “International Financial Management” and “International Human Resource Management” as professional research areas. Students can take courses freely according to their future career goals.