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Rules & Regulations

Institute of International Business

Rules & Regulations for PhD

From June 27th, 2018

  1. To clarify and standardize the regulations and requirements for PhD students of Institute of International Business, based on National Cheng Kung University’s postgraduate regulation and doctoral candidate qualification examinations, we hereby announce the ''Institute of International Business Rules and Regulations for PhD students''.


  1. These regulations are applied to all doctoral students. Doctoral students who have enrolled in 2016 academic year or before can choose the regulations of entranced year.


  1. Regulations for Courses

1) The doctoral students are required to complete a minimum of 48 credits for graduation including

A. 36 credits for course works, including 6 credits for required core courses “International Business Theories” and “International Business Research Methods

12 credits for the dissertation.

B. PhD students who haven’t take the “Economics”, “Accounting”, “Statistics” and “International Business Management” in their graduation or undergrad must take these as Prerequisite Courses.

2)The Prerequisite Courses are not counted as part of the required 36 credits necessary to graduate.

3)The PhD students are required to take at least 12 credits in the Institute of International Business in total. A maximum of 15 credits can be taken in each semester. The application for taking courses in other institutes must be submitted to the office in the second course selection stage in order to be accredited as credits for graduation.


  1. Regulations for choosing Advisor

1)The doctoral students are required to choose the advisor who is a full-time faculty in the Institute of International Business.

2)We encourage students to confirm the advisor after enrolling. The director of International Business will be the temporary advisor if the PhD students haven’t decided the advisor.

3)The changing of advisor shall be subject to the following provisions:

A.The changing of the advisor must be accepted by both current and new professors. If the advisor cannot continue to guide, the student need to submit “Advisor Changing Application Form” and “Affidavit of advisor changing”

B.All documents (including courses and qualifications) signed by the previous advisor must be signed and approved again by the new advisor.


  1. The Qualification Examination

1)The doctoral students are required to pass the qualification examination before attending the thesis proposal.

2)The qualification examination is held once a year at the end of the first semester. The examination time would be 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

3)Qualifications for taking the thesis proposal (At least one of the following requirements must be met):

A.The Doctoral committee will organize 2-4 teachers to prepare questions for the written test. The doctoral student will get the approval of qualification after passing the written test. The Qualification Examination will be held at the end of the first semester each year. Exam time is from 9AM to 6PM.

B.The doctoral student has one paper published in SSCI or 2 papers in SCI journals. The student’s IB advisor must be in the author list.

C.The doctoral student has papers published in 2 different conferences and the advisor must be in the author list. The conference need to be enlisted in IB regulation of coverage of conferences. For conferences which are not in the list need to get the signature and approval from advisor and Doctoral Class Committee.


4)If there is only one student in the authors list, he or she will receive one point per paper. If there are two students in the authors’ list, each will receive half (1/2) point. Likewise, a count of 1/3 point is given for three students in the authors’ list, etc.


5)The qualification test will be subject to the examination and approval of the Doctoral Committee. The doctoral student requires to submit a qualification test application according to the stipulated time. For the conference paper, the student requires to sign the Paper Qualification Test justified Declaration. The student need to attend and present the paper at the conference by him/herself, otherwise the conference paper will not be counted.


6)The papers applied for qualification examination cannot be used as the dissertation or graduation required papers.


7)The doctoral student should take the Qualification Examination before the 5th year of the PhD degree. For who does not finish the Qualification Examination will be dismissal.



  1. Paper Publication

1)Requirements for Graduation Dissertation

A. One paper published in SSCI Journal or 2 papers in SCI Journal, the advisor from International Business Institute must be in the author list.

B. The student or the instructor of the institute shall be listed as the first author.

C. The student’s service institutes can be listed in the authors’ service institutes section, but the name of school needs to be listed ahead of the service institutes.

D. If there is only one student in the authors list, he or she will receive one point per paper. If there are two students in the authors’ list, then each will only receive 1/2 point. Likewise, a count of 1/3 point is given for three students in the authors’ list, etc.

F. An acceptance letter should be required due to accepted but unpublished paper, and sign the affidavit letter with certainly listing the author’s raking and service organization according the regulation in institute.

2)If there is any suspect of the thesis publication, the issue will be reviewed and approved by the PhD Committee. After student’s paper is accepted and passed the qualification examination, the student can apply for the PhD graduation requirement check.


  1. Thesis Proposal

Thesis proposal application can be submitted after the completion of all the courses and after passing the qualification test with the attachments below:

1)The transcript of the completed required courses

2)The confirmation of passing qualification test

3)List of Proposal Committee

4)Complete copy of thesis proposal


  1. The Institute will establish Doctoral Class Committee for handling PhD students’ related affairs. The director will serve as the convener of the Committee, and all the full-time teachers will be the members.


  1. Thesis Oral Defense

The Thesis Oral Defense application should be submitted 3 months after the Proposal with the requirements below:

1)Examination Application

2)List of Committee

3)Proceedings of PhD Thesis

4)The verification of graduation thesis acceptance


  1. Study Termination 

According to “The Regulation of Graduate Student of Cheng Kung University” Chapter V Article 13 for processing.


  1. English Proficiency requirement for Graduation

1)Students need to achieve at least 1 of the following:

A.TOEIC 700 or above.

B.Pass the high-intermediate level first round test of GEPT.

C.IELTS English Language Testing 5 or above.

D.Select the course “Online English for Graduate Students” in the course enrollment system, and reach 70 in the final grade.

E.Student who come from English speaking country don’t need to provide the language proficiency certificate.

2)The English test that has been taken within 5 years before enrollment may be accepted.


  1. All the regulations are designed to be in line with the Student Handbook. If any violation occurs, the regulations from the Student Handbook will be the primary guideline to be followed.